Children's Liturgy


Children's Liturgy is a Liturgy of the Word ministry for children ages 3 to Grade 4.

Following the Opening Prayer, Father will call forward the children for a blessing and dismissal from the Mass. The children will return to Mass during the Offering, prior to the Liturgy of the Eucharist. All children are welcome to attend. Parents who wish to attend with their child will be required to do a Police Information Check (PIC) as well as other documentation.  If there are any parents or parishioners who would like to assist with either program, please contact our Sacrament Coordinator at  Registration is available online at  

We look forward to getting to know your children and help them along their faith journey with Jesus.

God Bless

Holy Name Children's Liturgy Teachers

2018/2019 Schedule - TBD

Date Sunday Gospel Saint / Feast Days in the coming week
  25th Sunday in Ordinary Time    


26th Sunday in Ordinary Time    
  27th Sunday in Ordinary Time    
  No Liturgy - Thanksgiving    
  29th Sunday in Ordinary Time    
  30th Sunday in Ordinary Time    
  31st Sunday in Ordinary Time    
  No Liturgy - Remembrance Day    
  33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time    
  Christ the King    
  1st Sunday of Advent    
  2nd Sunday of Advent    
  No Liturgy - Christmas Hampers    
  No Liturgy - 4th Sunday of Advent    
  No Children's Liturgy - Christmas    
  No Liturgy - Epiphany of the Lord    
  Baptism of the Lord     
  2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time    
  3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time    
  Presentation of the Lord    
  5th Sunday in Ordinary Time    
  No Liturgy - 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time    
  7th Sunday in Ordinary Time    
  8th Sunday in Ordinary Time    
  1st Sunday of Lent    
  2nd Sunday of Lent    
  No Liturgy - 3rd Sunday of Lent    
  No Liturgy - 4th Sunday of Lent    
  5th Sunday of Lent    
  Psalm Sunday    
  No Liturgy - Easter Sunday    
  2nd Sunday of Easter    
  3rd Sunday of Easter    
  4th Sunday of Easter    
  No Liturgy - 5th Sunday of Easter    
  6th Sunday of Easter    
  Ascension of the Lord    
  Pentecost Sunday    
  The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity