Schedule: 2017 - Q4 Lector Schedule

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Pronunciation guide

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Diocese of Calgary lector guidelines

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Lector's Ministry Guide

In this Ministry, we are called to proclaim the Word of God… an awesome responsibility. This is much more than just “reading”… it is PROCLAIMING…. SPEAKING FOR THE LORD. As in any Ministry, we must be witnesses to our faith and always bring our very best to the task.

Prior to Mass

Before the Procession we would like the Lectors to move into the foyer, (the entrance area) and make a point of welcoming people to our celebration. Whether it is a simple hello, good morning, good afternoon or a handshake.
Hospitality is certainly a focus of all ministries at Holy Name Parish. What a difference we can make.


Liturgy of the Word
After the Priest reads the opening prayer and the children are dismissed and gone downstairs (if there is a children’s liturgy), the First Lector comes to the front, Bows to the Tabernacle and proceeds to the Lectern.
The correct wording is, “A Reading from…” and ending with “The Word of the Lord.” Do not use the words “The First reading” or end with “AND” this is the word…
After you read, please wait quietly for about 10-15 seconds, before leaving the Lectern. Bow again to the Altar before returning to your seat.
After the final blessing and dismissal, the Second Lector collects the Lectionary from the Lectern and joins the assembly in the front of the Altar. Again you are directly behind the Altar Servers. The First Lector and the Commentator join the recessional as well. The First Lector stands beside the Second Lector with the Commentator just behind them. Second Lector remembers to hold the Lectionary high and return it to the Sacristy.
Parish Concerns
The single most common complaint is not being able to hear or understand the reader. This may be because you are reading too fast or not projecting into the microphone. The microphone will amplify enough if you have it positioned properly. Try to position it directly in front of your chin. This way as you are reading your mouth will then be directly in front of the microphone.

Above all, use expression in your reading.