Parish Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body, pastoral in nature, because it strives to discern the movement of the Holy Spirit among God's people in the parish. A Parish Pastoral Council assists the pastor in fostering pastoral activity. It is essential that Council meetings occur in the context of prayer and openness to the Holy Spirit, so that at all times the common good will prevail. The Council is composed of the Pastor, a Chairperson, a Vice-Chair, a Recording Secretary, and up to six Members at Large.

Our Mission Statement – “The Parish Pastoral Council, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, recognizes and responds to the spiritual and social needs of the community.”

All members of Holy Name parish are welcome to attend the monthly meetings of the Pastoral Council and be a part of the discussions. If a decision requires a vote, only the formal members of the council will have their votes counted. However, everyone’s input is welcome and very important to the decision making process.

The Parish Pastoral Council Minutes are available below.

December 10, 2015 PPC Minutes

November 12, 2015 PPC Minutes

October 15, 2015 PPC Minutes

June 18, 2015 PPC Minutes

May 21, 2015 PPC Minutes

April 23, 2015 PPC Minutes

March 19, 2015 PPC Minutes

February 19, 2015 PPC Minutes

January 15, 2015 PPC Minutes

November 20, 2014 PPC Minutes

October 23, 2014 PPC Minutes

September 18, 2014 PPC Minutes